Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

A little chocolate treat never hurt anyone…

Satay Beef

Beef and onions in a tasty Chinese style satay sauce.

Chinese BBQ Sauce

This is great marinade and bbq sauce for especially pork (I use pork tenderloins that I just grill). Chinese restaurants add also a tsp or two of red food coloring, but I don’t like artificial coloring so I skip it. This recipe makes enough for two pork tenderloins.

Shanghai Noodles

Easy and very fast Asian noodle dish with chicken.

Beef With Broccoli

Traditional Chinese dish that’s actually quite easy to make at home. Serve with a side of rice.

Mango Cream

I love the light and creamy feeling of this dessert, and the fresh ginger gives it a little bit of zing and makes it really refreshing. It’s based on a Mexican dessert.

Asian Beef With Snow Peas

One of my favorite dishes, it has a ginger sauce. Serve with white rice or firm noodles.


Easy to make your own, and always favorite with the kids on top of pancakes or crepes.

Portugese Potatoes

Great way to fancy up left over boiled potatoes.

Peppy Peppersauce

This sauce is great with most seafood, but especially crab and shrimp. I like to serve it as a dipping sauce for cooked shrimp. Can be used both hot or cold.